Woman On A Mission

Raising my son completely on my own has given me the insight to the reality of how much women have on our plates in this generation. We are expected to have a career, raise our children all while staying fit and looking beautiful. 

This is why we need innovative tools that help us do just that. And I am on a mission to empower women, one invention at a time. 


The SwipenSnap™ is more than a diaper cream applicator, it is literally over ten minutes saved a day, an anxiety reliever (from the stress of your baby potentially rolling off the changing table), and a mess preventer. For those of you who have dealt with the water-resistant diaper cream getting stuck under your nails and ruining your favorite outfits, you know what I am talking about.

And who has time to go to the gym? Yet alone go online and attempt to follow an instructional video after a long day of work, while our kids climb all over us. The reality is that we need something super easy, quick and effective. This is why I invented the TonerBum™, a US Utility Patented Booty Toning Dumbbell that is ergonomically designed to target key muscles to give you a full booty workout in just five minutes a day. Giving you the power to look and feel more healthy and confident!

The third product I invented is the Patent Pending reinvented cooler, that allows women to easily lift and organize foods in bins that stack on top of one another and pull out like a drawer making it easier to get access to the contents inside with ease. And yes I am still going, my fourth invention is one of my personal favorites that I use all the time to fix my broken makeup and make natural beauty facial masks. 

I am super exited and passionate about bringing even more innovative products to life. Sign up for my email list to be the first to know when I launch new inventions that will make your life better! 

With Love,
Alina Kravchenko
Serial Inventor | CEO
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