Is To Invent Products That Make Women's Lives Better

In our generation, women are expected to be all, a homemaker, career woman, a mother, and a wife all while still maintaining our beauty and health. But the truth is that we all have only 24 hours and we can only do so much with the time that we are given. This is why...

"We must break the mold of the old ways of doing things and create a better way! And I am on a mission to do just that, one invention at a time."

The first invention I brought to life is SwipenSnap, it is a Patented one hand diaper cream applicator, that saves moms an average of twenty minutes per day by making the diaper cream application process much more efficient and hygienic. 

My second product is a workout device that is ergonomically designed to fit around the back of the leg allowing you to easily perform the leg lift workout. Giving women toner glutes so that they can feel more confident and decrease the risk of having hip injuries as they age.

The third product is a reinvented cooler, that allows women to easily lift and organize foods in bins that stack on top of one another and pull out like a drawer making it easier to get access to the contents inside with ease. 

And yes I am still going, my fourth invention is…one of my personal favorites that I use all the time to fix my broken makeup and make natural beauty masks. The patent is still pending so I will not share all the details of how awesome it is just yet.

I am passionate about inventing solutions that enhance the lives of the women in our generation and many to come. I hope to inspire other women to think outside the box and jump on board with creating even more innovative ways of taking care of our kids, homes, and ourselves.

With Love,
Alina Kravchenko
CEO | Inventor