This Breathing Technique Vanishes Anxiety

There are many things in life that we want to change and when we can’t that often leads to anxiety. So focus on what you can change - your breath.

The breath is the most powerful tool that puts you in the present moment, calms you and decreases stress. There are many breathing techniques that to me are confusing and overwhelming - actually trying them makes me even more anxious and leave me feeling like I am going to suffocate. 

If you have ever gone to a yoga class you will hear the teacher talk about an “oceanic breath” and that yoga is more about breathing than the pose, yet they never really teach how to achieve that Ujjayi Pranayama breath. I have been practicing for over ten years now and only one teacher has taught it right and from that day my life has changed. And today is your lucky day because somehow you came across this article and the universe wants you to make a delicious sweet breath. I only go to yoga to get it - you will know it when you fully fill your lungs. Your body will instantly feel whole and blissful. Mindful breathing is also part of 30 Ways To Heal

  1. Take an exhale with your mouth open as if you are trying to fog up a piece of glass - make a loud hissing sound
  2. In the middle of this exhale close your mouth while keeping a tight restriction in your throat and continuing making the gentle hissing sound.
  3. Take a deep full inhale through your nose while maintaining the tight restriction in your throat
  4. Continue to fully exhale all of your breath through your nose while squeezing your abdomen until your breath is fully out. 

Just a few breath cycles like this will instantly put you in the present moment making you feel calmer and stress-free. 

I love the 4-7-8 technique, it takes just a few minutes:
1. Breath in through the nose for 1-2-3-4 seconds.
2. Hold your breath for a count of 5-6-7 seconds.
3. Exhale forcefully through your mouth, making a "whoosh" sound.
Repeat the cycle up to 4 times.

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