Who will you choose to be?

In this beautiful life, there are the givers and the takers. The givers experience the greatest gift on earth, to give without expecting anything in return. The joy of giving is their gift. The takers on the other hand never feel like they have enough. Their mission in life is to take as much as they can from others in an attempt to feel fulfilled. 

In this beautiful life, there are solution creators and problem makers. The solution creators see solutions when they face a challenge. Their greatest joy comes from creating a solution that will enhance the lives of others. Their fulfillment comes from the joy of creating solutions. The problem makers look at their lives and the world and see only problems. Their precious time and energy is wasted complaining and being negative.

In this beautiful life, there are the heroes and the victims. The heroes choose to be the heroes of their lives, they don't make excuses they make things happen. They use whatever challenges and unfortunate things that happened to them as an opportunity to let go, grow, and become stronger and wiser. Then there are the victims who use whatever bad things happened them as an excuse not to make their dreams come true. They cling to a story that makes them believe that they are in a hopeless situation.

So the question is who will you choose to be? The giver or the taker? The solution creator or the problem maker? And will you choose to be the hero or victim of your life? You have the power to choose who you want to be, the choice is always yours to make.

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