Wake Up To Reality

You may not realize this but you have been brainwashed from the very first day you were born. Everything that you have seen, heard and experienced has in a way shaped you, your mindset, your beliefs, and your desires.

Some of it may have been good for your life but some to it may of not. The key is to take a step back and choose what will serve you. So take a step back and evaluate, what is real and what only exists in your mind.

Many people are addicted to drama and pain. They actually love the feeling of heartache and get addicted to the highs and lows of an emotional roller coaster. It becomes almost like a drug. Notice this in yourself, do you listen to sad love songs that trigger feelings of lost love? Getting caught up in the nostalgic memories - that only exists in your head.

What about all of the romcoms that are centered around two halves looking to ‘complete each other’. Realize that two half people are just two halves that will always be dependent on one another to complete the other. This is the foundation of an unhealthy relationship.

Realize that you have been brainwashed to believe that you need someone to make you whole, to complete you, to love you to feel loved. This is all a lie.

When you truly love yourself, you will no longer feel the need for someone to love. You will become the love you have been looking for. And that is when you are truly ready to love someone else.

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