Cut The Umbilical Cord

Because many parents are not whole beings, they often times project their insecurities onto their children. They see you as extensions of themselves, feeling entitled to make life decisions for you. Sometimes even pushing you to accomplish what they themselves could not.

Ask yourself, are you where you are because you choose it or because your parents choose it for you?

As children, we want to make our parents happy and to love us, so then when we become adults we can sometimes sacrifice our own happiness to please them. Realize that even though you are a biological extension of your parents, you are your own individual being. Wake up to this reality.

If your parents use ‘raising you’ as a way to guilt-trip you into doing things their way, do not let them. Detach. This does not mean you stop loving them or you are rude about it. Simply say “ I appreciate everything they have done for me, I love you”.

If you have parents that get angry that you are not following a life path that they want, then you need to create healthy boundaries with them. Read "How To Create Healthy Boundaries"

Take a moment and envision your life without your parents, how would you dress, who would you be with, where would you live, what would you do for a living?

Now begin making decisions for you, not what they want for you. 

Remember it is your life, not theirs.

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