Take Responsibility For Your Life

Your life is like a path, and every choice you make sets your life in a different direction that leads to a certain “location”. That location is where you are right now. Pause a moment and reflect back on all of the decisions that lead you to this very moment. Some things were perhaps out of your control, but for the majority, all of the accumulative choices you made got you right here.

If you are in a place that you are not happy in, perhaps you are experiencing depression, anxiety, and stress. Then ask yourself what choices lead you here.

At the core, we all want the path that leads to happiness, fulfillment, peace, and love. The ability to nurture yourself to a thriving being that uses your gifts and talents to give back to the world is the most rewarding feeling a human can experience. (I will guide you towards discovering and nurturing your gifts in later steps.)

If you have been waiting for someone to rescue you from your situation. Maybe a knight in shining armor or a princess, then you will be wasting the most precious gift you are given - your time.

The first step to getting your power back is becoming the hero of your life and taking responsibility for where you are at. This means you can no longer blame others for the outcome of your life. 

You can not even begin to move forward in the next steps if you are stuck blaming others or waiting for someone to rescue you. Remember that you have power over your life choices and the role you choose to play in your life. Are you the hero or victim of your life? 

Moving forward, do not blame others, take ownership and responsibility of your actions and decisions. Know that you have the power to solve whatever challenge you are facing in your life now, or whatever challenges will come your way.

In your journal - write all of the problems you are facing right now. Then under them examine what is in your power to solve them. Remember that every ‘problem’ has a solution, find the best one.

For example 1. In bad debt - plan a budget/set timeline goals to pay off debts / create spending limits  2. Always late to things - evaluate everything on your plate of life and looks for ways to do things smarter to save you time / remove things that are eating too much time and set alarms to get you to follow your schedule 3. In an unhappy relationship - find the core issue and ask yourself if they can be solved if yes then work as a team to solve them. This always requires two people doing the work, if you are willing but your partner is not then let it go. 

As challenges and setbacks arise trust yourself that you will be able to solve them and overcome them. 




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