Shine Light On Your Fears

The way to stop letting your fears from controlling you and your choices is to know what they are. This way you can begin making choices out of love, and not fear. 

Begin by reflecting on every decision that you have ever made in your life and ask yourself, did I choose that out of fear or love?

By being honest with yourself and asking yourself some really deep questions, you will begin the journey of taking your power back. So begin by asking yourself…

Do you fear being alone? So you choose to stay in an unhealthy relationship that is destroying your emotional wellbeing, causing you to feel depressed.

Do you fear not having enough to be loved? So you choose a job that makes you money but takes your life.

Do you fear what the whole collective society (all strangers around you) will say or think of you? So all of your choices revolve around you doing things that will make them like and approve of you.

Do you fear your friends not liking or admiring you? So you choose a job that pays you well so you can buy nice things, go on lavish trips and fancy restaurants just to impress them, even at the cost of your physical health.

Do you fear not being loved or praised by your parents or spouse? So you follow whatever path they want for you even though deep down it is not what you want for your life.

Do you fear getting older or not being good looking enough? So you spend your precious time and hard-earned money on surgeries and injections to keep you from aging and damaging your body with workouts and supplements that enhance your appearance.

You see at the core all fears stem from the fear of not being enough to be loved.

When you let go of the need of being loved and accepted by others you create space for grace within yourself to love and accept yourself. And you will no longer be controlled by what they say or think of you because you will no longer need their love to feel loved. You will become the love you have been seeking.

This is true freedom.

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