How To Make Your New Years Resolutions

It is thick in the air, can you feel it? The realization that another year has gone by. Time is one of those things we do not notice until our birthdays and new years rolls around, reminding us of how precious time really is. 

What you choose to do with the time you have will define who you are and the world around you. Each choice that you make should have pure and loving intentions for yourself and all living beings on this planet. 

It all starts with you nurturing the needs of your body, mind, and heart so you can allow yourself to grow into a healthy whole being sharing your gifts with us all.

As you enter into 2020 think about each part of yourself and what you need to feel fulfilled and whole. Then next to each part write down how you will execute on it by adding it in your daily schedule.

Here is a list of mine as an example: 


Exercise - Run / Yoga / Weights 1 hour every other day

Get More Sleep - Set alarm to go to bed at 10:30 pm and wake up at 7 am


Meditate - 10 min in mornings and evenings 

Learn Piano - Practice 10 min daily


Spend time with loved ones - Go to the museum on Sundays with friends/son

Share my love and wisdom with others - become a mentor for a foster child

The most important thing is that you keep your list out in the open where you are forced to read it daily. This will allow you to be reminded of your resolutions on a daily basis and help to stick to them. I recommend keeping it simple at first and adding more as you have made the first ones a habit. Be patient with yourself, as making new habits takes time. 

I also encourage you to share your new year's resolutions and progress with the people around you. Make them a conversation topic that you revisit on a regular basis. This puts your energy and attention on them. 

By thinking and talking about them you will be giving them your power and that is how you empower yourself. Because when you give your time and energy to things that serve you, you are nurturing yourself to grow into the incredible being that you are meant to be.

And that is a gift to you and us all.

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