How To Find Joy In The Mundane

So much of our lives are filled with mundane things. Doing laundry, going grocery shopping, running errands, driving, cleaning, cooking, organizing, getting ready and the list goes on. Many of us cannot wait to be done with the task at hand to move on to the next one and the next. Waiting for that moment where we are finally free from doing anything, so we can choose to do something that brings us joy. But what if you could find the joy in doing the mundane? I believe you really can and here is how.

  1. Set a time to do those things in your schedule so you do not feel rushed when you are doing them. This allows you to be in the present moment with that activity.
  1. Feed your mind by listening to a podcast or audiobook while doing the "mundane". Think about it, if it takes you 30 minutes to get ready and another 30 minutes to get to work, think of how much knowledge you can absorb. Find something you genuinely enjoy and look forward to listening. 
  1. Share heartwarming quality time with someone you love, while doing the “mundane”. Errands can feel boring when you feel like you have to do them, but I believe you can make anything fun if you are creative. Coordinate your errands with a buddy, slow down grab a coffee in between and enjoy the shared time together. Fold laundry with your kids, or have them read to you while you folding. Alone? Then find peace in the process by practicing mindful meditative breathing try This Breathing Technique Vanishes Anxiety.

Remember that life's a moving meditation if you allow yourself to slow down and be fully present in each moment, no matter what moment is you will see that there is always joy there. You just have to slow down, breath and be fully present to feel it.

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