Healing Stages - Know Where You Are

It is very important to always be aware of what state of being you are in. Have you recently experienced a challenge, loss or a setback? If yes then chances are you need to heal. During the healing process, you will need to be aware of the choices and actions you take to help you heal more so than usual because this is the critical point in your life where unhealthy additions can form. During the 40-day dealing process do not engage in any unhealthy pleasures and instead double up in the healthy ones (Article).

Healing States:

Stage 1 - Feel it In the first few months after you have experienced pain, you will need to allow yourself to feel it. Some people become addicted to the feeling of pain and they want to stay in this stage for a very long time if you have been in this place for a long time then ask yourself are you addicted to pain?

Stage 2 - Process It The processing stage is where your mind attempts at making sense of things. This is why talking about it, writing and thinking about it can help. Again some people get stuck in this stage as well, years later they still bring it up because they have not yet fully processed it. 

Stage 3 - Accept It Sometimes your mind will not be able to make sense of what happened. If you were in a really happy relationship then all of the sudden get dumped, you will be blindsided and confused and if you never get an explanation about why the other person left you then you will never really be able to make sense of things. Accepting that you can not make sense of it is also accepting it, allow yourself to be content with that because that is how you can finally move on to the last stage.

Stage 4 - Let It Go This is when you fully accept it and can be free from it hurting you anymore. There may be triggers that will bring you back to that pain, a song, a smell, a location or person but you will be able to choose if you want to feel the pain or not. And it is okay if you let yourself feel heartache from pain, just don't become addicted to it. Because you will get caught up in the healing loop forever.

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