30 Ways To Heal

As humans we all love pleasure, and when we get a taste of a new pleasure we want more and more of it. This is why you can easily become addicted to things like doing drugs, drinking alcohol, shopping, making money, playing games, serial dating, having sex, and eating unhealthy foods. 

When everything is going smoothly in your life you can enjoy these things with self-control. But when life hits you with a challenge, a setback or a loss, that is when you can easily fall off the rails losing your power over them and becoming addicted.

Realize that pain is part of life, and yes sometimes it can be so intense that you do not want to feel it. But pain is not bad, think of it as a knife that carves into you to make room for more joy. So when pain comes your way do not play the victim and not engage in the unhealthy pleasures for a coping mechanism. Instead, focus on healing yourself by engaging in healthy activities. 

Begin by creating a list of healthy pleasures, make them part of your lifestyle so when you hit a slump in your life, you can engage in them to get you out of the darkness and heal. 

Here Are 30 Healthy Ways to Heal

Meditate / Pray

Volunteer / Give Back

Mindfully Breath

Go To The Ocean

Visit Museums 

Explore New Places

Practice Yoga

Run / Workout

Listen To Music

Cook A Healthy Meal

Hug Someone

Take A Warm Bath

Salt Scrub Yourself

Learn Piano

Plant Something

Create Art

Dance It Out

Take A Nature Walk

Go Swimming 

Get A Massage

Make A Gratitude List

Learn Something New

Go To The Spa

Journal / Write

Watch The Sunset

Bike Outside

Call A Friend

Drink Warm Tea

Read A Good Book

Pet An Animal

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