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US Patented TonerBum™

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TonerBum™ By Better Way Body, LLC

US Patented "Glute Toning Dumbbell"- TonerBum™

US Patent #US20170087407A1 The invention is a dumbbell adapted for lifting by the legs. In particular, it is designed to fit in the crook of the knee for exercises such as the kneeling dumbbell leg lift and the fire hydrant leg lift. The handle is offset from center, flush with the top of the weights to prevent the dumbbell from rolling down the calf. The weights are fixedly attached to the handle so they do not rotate. The weights have a horseshoe shape, elongated vertically so they do not slip off the leg, and flattened at the bottom for stability on the floor. The weights also taper inward at the base to hold the leg firmly. Options include an adjustable length handle, magnetic additional weights, a handle cushion, and an electronic user interface to adjust the number of reps and the rest period.

US Patented SwipenSnap™ — As Seen On Shark Tank

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Better Way Goods, LLC

US Patented One Hand Cream Applicator - SwipenSnap™ "Featured On Shark Tank"

US Patent# US8920059B2 An applicator apparatus can be attached and detached to and from any tube container that properly fits. The tube is not part of the invention, but works with the invention as a handle and as a dispenser. When the tube is attached to the applicator apparatus, the hole of the tube in which the tubes contents come out of, meets with the hole of the applicator apparatus. The applicator apparatus's hole is surrounded by an applicator material such as brush bristles or sponge. When the tube is squeezed, the tubes contents will come out of the hole of the applicator apparatus and be introduce onto the surrounding bristles of the brush or sponge of the applicator apparatus. The applicator apparatus attaches to a lid. The top portion of the lid has an opening in which the applicator apparatus can be placed into. The bottom portion of the lid can have a suction cup base that is to be secured onto a flat hard surface or a pull tab that can be taken off by a humans mouth. The combination of the applicator apparatus working with the lid allows for a human to perform the entire application process without contaminating ones hand with the tubes contents, and while only using one hand.

US Patented "Nipple Ointment Applicator"

US Patent #US20200071033A1 This patent describes the application end of a dispenser, for applying a cream product from a squeeze tube. In its best mode, it is envisioned as a dispenser for nipple cream, for nursing mothers. The applicator has attachment means for securing the applicator to a squeeze-tube. The invention may include a squeeze tube, or alternatively an outer base to assist in retaining the invention on a squeeze tube. The cream product from the squeeze tube is directed through an outlet neck and then through a slit in a soft pad. The pad is useful for spreading cream evenly onto skin cleanly and comfortably. A cap forms a tight seal with the outer base to protect the pad and the contents of the tube. The cap may be attached to the outer base with a connector. Alternatively, the cap may be attached to a suction cup.

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