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    Inventing Innovative Solutions For Women

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Woman On A Mission

Raising my son completely on my own has given me insight into the reality of how much women really have on our plates in our generation. We are expected to take care of our kids, homes, have a career all while staying fit and healthy. This is why we need innovative tools that help us do just that. And I am on a mission to empower women, one invention at a time.

Meet Alina's Inventions

SwipenSnap™ US Utility Patented One Hand Cream Applicator


TonerBum™ US Utility Patented Booty Toning Dumbbell


In The News

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Alina Kravchenko inventor swipensnap shark tank

Woman On A Mission

"In this generation women have so much on their plates. That is why I am on a mission to create solution based products that make women's lives better!" - Alina Kravchenko. Inventor | CEO



SwipenSnap™ by Better Way Goods, LLC | email alina@swipensnap.com | info@swipensnap.com | website swipensnap.com | phone 346-704-1002 | instagram @swipensnap | press kit

TonerBum™ by Better Way Body, LLC | email alina@tonerbum.com | press@tonerbum.com | website tonerbum.com | phone 310-404-9120 | instagram @tonerbum

Headquarters Houston, TX. USA

Follow Alina on her journey @alina_inventor